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Bradara and Stojanović reach an agreement without Lendo and elect FBiH leadership

FENA Vanja Tolj, Photo: Hazim Aljović

SARAJEVO, February 20 (FENA) - Members of the leadership of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lidija Bradara and Igor Stojanović, agreed today without the third member - Refik Lendo, that Bradara is president, and Stojanović and Lendo vice presidents of FBiH.

This agreement was reached after Lendo did not respond to the third meeting today. Bradara emphasizes that she and Stojanović understood that Lendo did not want to negotiate.

“Lendo did not come to the meeting today and we used our constitutional powers and competences, and carried out the procedure for electing the president and vice presidents of the Federation of BiH. We forwarded the decision to the House of Representatives for further decision-making. We believe that this process should be completed in accordance with the Constitution as soon as possible,” said Bradara.

She emphasizes that the new FBiH Government will be formed after the vote in the House of Representatives and as soon as confirmation comes from the Central Election Commission (CEC).

Stojanović points out that all institutions have been notified, including the CEC, the OHR, and both houses of the FBiH Parliament, and that Nermin Nikšić is still the candidate for FBiH prime minister as agreed.

As he said, he wants the FBiH Government to be formed after four and a half years, and it does not matter at all what function he will hold.

“It doesn't matter to me whether I am the president or the vice president, but that the processes that are currently being held back by Lendo are unblocked,” said Stojanović.

He added that if Lendo continues to block the processes, then the high representative and some other instances should be involved.

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