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Petit: The EU is the future of the Balkans, but it is impossible to solve all problems at once

FENA Hana Imamović, Photo: Harun Muminović

SARAJEVO, March 14 (FENA) - A member of the National Assembly of the Republic of France for French residents abroad, Frédéric Petit, believes that we should not expect that all problems in the Balkans, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, will be solved at once, but he believes that the European idea will come to Bosnia and Herzegovina.



Petit is on an official visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in order to assess the overall situation, he expressed desire to visit the Federal News Agency (FENA) as a leading news agency and the most cited media in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"I believe that one of the most important questions is whether it is possible to work with the adversary in order to achieve a better future, such as ensuring better healthcare, whether it is possible to have different nationalities and the same citizenship, Petit points out.

These issues, which are of essential importance for the entire European Union, are being discussed today, says Petit, and they are being worked on despite all the difficulties and different situations that everyone is witnessing.

He is a parliamentarian elected by the French who live outside their homeland, including those who live in the countries of the Western Balkans and therefore he seeks to represent precisely their interests.

In an interview with FENA, he emphasized that the European Union is the future of the Balkans, but he believes that the EU model, the model of reconciliation and conflict management, is a model that should be developed and lived.

Petit points out that for several years he has been trying to create a project that would be a network in which parliamentarians, analysts, and representatives of the civil sector in the Balkans would work together in order to achieve social progress.

"I try to work with 11 Balkan countries, not only with these six that are not yet members of the European Union. We are doing this with the help of the French, Germans, Poles and Italians so that we, as parliamentarians and civil society and citizen representatives, develop a project that would present a common vision," added Petit.

This was one of the reasons for his visit, and Petit emphasizes that it is not possible to expect that all problems would be solved at once, but he believes that the European idea will come to Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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