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Uk: Sarajevo Canton citizens will value this government based on the results of its work

FENA Darinka Mitrović, Photo: Amer Kajmović

SARAJEVO, March 24 (FENA) - The newly appointed Prime Minister of the Sarajevo Canton, Nihad Uk, said that in the coming period, he will work on the implementation of all the measures that were ranked not only by urgency but also by the possibility of implementation.

Today, the Sarajevo Canton Assembly voted for a new SC Government headed by Nihad Uk from Our Party, and they were appointed for the mandate period 2023 - 2026.

"We will do everything to achieve what is realistic in the coming period. We will work on all the measures to be implemented, and especially those that I highlighted in the presentation will certainly be implemented and that the citizens of the canton will value this government and the parliamentary majority based on the results of their work. I urge the citizens of the canton to value our work based on what we do, and everything else is less important if we deliver what we promised," said Uk to journalists after the session of the SC Assembly.

The Social Democratic Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina, People and Justice, Our Party and the Party for Bosnia and Herzegovina voted today for a new convocation of the Sarajevo Canton Government.


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