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Protest in front of OHR: We will not give sovereignty and territorial integrity of BiH

FENA Hasan Selhanović, Photo: Hazim Aljović

SARAJEVO, March 31 (FENA) - An informal group of citizens "ReSTART" and the Association of Independent Intellectuals 'Circle 99' organized a protest today in front of the Office of the High Representative (OHR), where they called for "stopping the further dismantling of the state".


The citizens are dissatisfied with the earlier decisions of the high representative Christian Schmidt, but also with the announcement of a new decision that allegedly wants to shift the formation of the FBiH Government from the hands of the President and Vice Presidents.

“We, the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, will not give sovereignty and the territorial integrity of BiH, we do not accept and do not allow the OHR to transfer the sovereignty of BiH to neighboring countries, we do not allow the suspension of democracy in BiH, we do not allow the suspension and denial of human rights by the OHR and certain foreign embassies,” were some of the key positions and demands from today's peaceful protests of citizens.

Also, as stated, the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina reject any form of discrimination against any citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina on any basis and do not allow the propagation, protection and incorporation of supporters of joint criminal enterprises into the political system of the state.

“We do not allow the creation of apartheid in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we demand the implementation of all judgments of the European Court of Human Rights, we demand that the OHR stop hindering the processes of EU integration with its undemocratic decisions, we demand the resignation of Christian Schmidt, who proved to be unworthy of the position of high representative, and we demand full democracy, complete protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, even if it meant a complete change of the Dayton Agreement,” said the Association of Independent Intellectuals ‘Circle 99’.

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