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Office of the Disciplinary Prosecutor initiates proceedings against Judge Branko Perić

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SARAJEVO, June 7 (FENA) - The Office of the Disciplinary Prosecutor of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina (HJPC) initiated disciplinary proceedings against a judge of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina Branko Perić, who had a dissenting opinion in the first-instance judgment in the "Ventilators" case.

As stated by the Disciplinary Prosecutor's Office (UDT), disciplinary proceedings have been initiated against Judge Branko Perić for "making decisions that clearly violate the law or persistent and unjustified violation of procedural rules" and "unjustified delay in making decisions or in other actions related to performing the duties of a judge or any other repeated failure to comply with the duties of judges", reports.

The portal learned that the first violation refers to the first-instance verdict in the “Ventilators” case, in which Perić, president of the Judicial Council, had a dissenting opinion, while the unjustified delay in making decisions refers to another case.

After the pronouncement of the first-instance verdict in the "Ventilators" case in April of this year, the UDT established a case ex officio against Judge Perić.

Perić presided over the Judicial Panel, which in a first-instance verdict convicted former FBiH prime minister Fadil Novalić, the suspended director of the FBiH Civil Protection Administration (FUCZ) Fahrudin Solak and the owner of the company "F.H. Srebrena malina" Fikret Hodžić to a total of 15 years in prison for abuses during the procurement of ventilators worth 10.5 million KM during the coronavirus pandemic, while the former FBiH finance minister Jelka Miličević was acquitted of charges of negligent work in the service.

During the pronouncement of the first-instance verdict, Perić said that it was passed by the majority ruling by the judges Braco Stupar and Goran Radević.

"I did not support the majority opinion. My assessment is completely different", Perić said during the pronouncement of the verdict, stating that he believed that the criminal offense of abuse of position and the intentions of the accused had not been proven.

In a separate opinion, Perić stated that during the trial, the US embassy declared the acting prosecutors as heroes and that the accused were exposed to the "terror" of a daily newspaper, stating that such things are unnecessary and impede the functioning of the judiciary and the rule of law.

In the following period, it is expected that a preliminary hearing will be scheduled before the First Instance Disciplinary Council when more details from the disciplinary complaint will be known.

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