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Diverse program on the occasion of today's opening of 'Sarajevo Winter Festival'

FENA Press release

SARAJEVO, February 7 (FENA) – On the occasion of today's opening of the 34th edition of Sarajevo Winter Festival, Ibrahim Spahić stated that "Sarajevo Winter is the soul of Sarajevo".

Today, on its opening day, the Festival will offer a diverse program.

This-year's motto of the Sarajevo Winter Festival is "The Other Face of the World" and it is dedicated to European and world heritage and future. Patrons of the festival are BiH institutions, UNESCO and the Council of Europe.

Honorary guest of the Festival is the Republic of Bulgaria and special guests are countries organizers of the Olympic winter and summer games 2018-2020, South Korea, Japan and China.

The ceremony will open on February 7 at the Theater Square with the performance of young artists in Olympic circles followed by an orchestra from Bulgaria, dedicated to Bulgarian chairmanship of the Council of the EU and solemn opening of the 34th international Sarajevo Winter Festival. 

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